Criminal Property Confiscation

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Upon being served with a Freezing Notice you are obliged (within 7 days) to provide a Statutory Declaration setting out what persons or entities might have an interest in the property the subject of the Freezing Notice. Failure to do so will constitute an offence.

In addition to providing a Statutory Declaration, you only have 28 days to file with the relevant Court an objection to the Freezing Notice. If you fail to do so, your property will, almost certainly, be automatically confiscated. In light of this, it is imperative that you act quickly and obtain legal advice.

Trying to secure the release of property frozen under a Freezing Notice is an exceptionally difficult task as it depends on a range of factors. Hale Legal has represented clients in numerous property confiscation matters. Indeed, sometimes it is possible to negotiate a resolution of a criminal property confiscation matter with the Director of Public Prosecutions without the need to attend at a final hearing.

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