Ensuring your reputation is protected

If you believe you have been defamed you ought seek urgent legal advice as a claim for defamation must be commenced within one year from the date on which publication of the defamatory material occurred unless an extension of time is granted by the Court. 

Hale Legal has experience dealing with Defamation actions and are more than happy to assist you.

Assuming there are grounds for a defamation action the first step will be to issue what is known as a "Concerns Notice". A "Concerns Notice" is a written document which informs the publisher of the defamatory imputations which are said to arise or be conveyed about the aggrieved person from the defamatory statement or material. 

The "Concerns Notice" also informs the publisher that they ought take steps to make amends.

Within 28 days of receiving a "Concerns Notice" the publisher of the defamatory statement or materials may elect to make an "Offer to Make Amends". An "Offer to Make Amends" is a written document prepared in accordance with the Defamation Act to try and resolve defamation disputes at the earliest opportunity. 

If the "Offer to Make Amends" is reasonable and is not accepted by the aggrieved person it can be used as a defence to any Court proceedings. It is therefore important to carefully consider any "Offer to Make Amends" carefully. 

Hale Legal has considerable experience in dealing with defamation claims and are happy to assist you.

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